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Christmas is coming!!!!!

There is only 95 days till Christmas, that’s approximately 227 hours and roughly 136210 minutes and 8172500 seconds.

If you think that’s loads, think again!

Before you know it, it will be that time of year when we all wonder helplessly around the shops looking for small gift ideas for teachers, friends, colleagues or indeed stocking fillers!

We at have the answer:

Christmas personalised chocolate bars!

Everyone loves chocolate and everyone likes to receive personalised gift.

Here at bbbonbon we have personalised chocolates for teachers written in English as well as in Irish, see link:

A lovely inexpensive gift suitable for both female and male teachers.

Personalised Christmas chocolates are a perfect gift for your work colleagues, friends and family, neighbours, children of all ages and why not the milkman, the postman and the lollypop lady!

Chocolates come in 3 sizes, small 20gr, medium 40gr and a large 120gr and not only, how about a lovely chocolate and candy cane set with the child’s name written on the bar!


Also, available exclusively at is the “colour my choc” Christmas personalised chocolate set.

This is a set made of a 40gr medium chocolate bar with 6 crayons and the reverse of the personalised wrap is a colouring page. Not only this bar tastes good, looks good but it provides precious minutes of entertainment!


See the many designs available for all tastes!