Personalised favours with ribbons and notes.

Favours are an important way to say thank you to your family and friends to any occasion, a Christening, a Wedding, a First Holy Communion or indeed a Wedding anniversary. The giving of the small gift requires no words in itself, its a gesture well appreciated by adults and children alike.
But not only that, favours can be personalised to add a special touch to the item itself and to put into written words what they mean.
We at BBBonbon personalise all our favours, free of charge.
Each favour has a note inside or outside, with the type of occasion it is, the date, the name/s and a few words, chosen by you, the client, such as “Thank you for sharing our special day” or “Hope you enjoy my little gift and these five sweets which symbolise, health, wealth, longevity, fertility and happiness” or a simple “Thank you for joining in our celebration.”
There is more, at BBBonbon you can now personalised your ribbons as well.
Pink, blue, silver, gold and many other colour ribbons available which you can choose to decorate any of the boxes available.
The date of the occasion, the name/s and the occasion itself is the most popular options for the personalised ribbon, but there is no limit to what can be written.
The personalised ribbon have been a huge hit!
Please note, the price for the personalised ribbon is separate.

5 thoughts on “Personalised favours with ribbons and notes.

  1. Orla Ryan

    Hi there

    I just stumbled upon a photo of your Communion favours. they are delightful. What have you in the way of boys communion favours? My son has his in May.

    Please include prices.

    many thanks

  2. Cecilia Post author

    Hi Orla
    I have several Communion favours, starting from little prayer book favour boxes at € 1.95, square boxes with cross charms at € 2.25, or with Communion boy figurine € 3.10. I also make personalised Communion chocolate bars ranging from € 0.80 up to € 5.
    Please follow the link below for the full range of Communion favours available.

    Should you wish to contact me in relation to any of the above please feel to do so.
    My numbers

      are 01 8456351 or 0860649222


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